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Features of Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail

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    December 16, 2021 1:18 PM +0330

    Hotmail is one of popular Email Service provided by Microsoft but on 03 April 2013 Microsoft changed Hotmail name to outlook professionally. It has provided you with a wide range of features. Some of them are as follows;

    * It provides you with the feature of both free and paid accounts.
    * It provides you with the storage that is ever increasing.
    * It has provided you with a space of 25 MB for attachments.
    * You can easily forward pre-received e-mails.
    * It has also provided with virus scanning facility, like it scans all incoming e-mails and attachments before you download them to your computer.
    * One can easily create folder in his account, so that he can easily manage e-mails from different address or different groups.
    * The text box has provided with a lot of features. By using these features you can easily change the font, color and style of your text.
    * Just like the Microsoft office, manufacturer’s has also given you the facility of spell checker. So that your e-mail will be free from any grammatical or spelling mistake.

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