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New theory suggests Iceland may be

  • August 4, 2021 9:25 AM +0430

    Iceland may be the top of theโหลดสล็อตxocontinent. "Icelandia" (Icelandia) that still emerges out of the water Behind the vast land of 600,000 square kilometers which connects Greenland and the Scandinavian region. It sank under the North Atlantic Ocean 10 million years ago.

    International team of geophysicists Led by Professor Emeritus Jillian Folder from Durham University, United Kingdom. The new theory was published in chapter one of the book. "Following in the footsteps of Warren B. Hamilton: New Ideas in Earth Science" (In the Footsteps of Warren B. Hamilton: New Ideas in Earth Science)

    A research team led by Prof Folger suggested that the former North Atlantic Ocean was completely dry. and is part of the Pangea continent Pangea did not completely split apart 200 million years ago, preventing sea water from flooding the landmass that connects Greenland and the Scandinavian region in the west-east. for millions of years created the continent of Iceland

    “However, 10 million years ago, the western and eastern regions of Iceland began to sink under the sea. But there is still a high area in the middle of the continent emerging from the water for us to see each other. which is Iceland today,” said Prof Folder. "By bringing the sea level down another 600 meters, we could see more clearly the topography of the lost continent."