Your Baby Boy’s First Pair of Shoes

  • Your little boy has finally started walking! While this is a huge milestone in both your lives, it has also opened the door to many possible accidents. With your little one walking around now, you need to ensure that his feet are protected and that other easier-to-reach spots are baby-proofed. Additionally, many parents struggle with the argument on whether to buy their baby boy prewalker shoes or let him walk around barefoot.

    While allowing your baby boy to walk around barefoot will allow natural foot development, the risk of him hurting his feet when walking on sharp stones, sticks or rough terrains is too high. Therefore, for that reason, prewalker shoes are a definite need. If your little one is inside and walking around the house, he can walk around barefoot, as there won’t be any sharp objects lying on the floor that you’re unaware of. Whereas, when you’re outside, your baby boy should wear his prewalker shoes to protect his feet.

    If you’re unsure on what prewalker shoes actually are, they’re essentially a hybrid of socks and shoes. They are as light and comfortable as a sock, but provide your little one’s feet with the same protection provided by a shoe. They are the perfect “in between” of the two. When your baby boy wears his prewalker shoes, he is basically barefoot, but with protection.

    While there’s no definite answer on when your little one should get his first pair of shoes, most parents believe it should only be after they start walking. However, don’t let that stop you from buying shoes for your baby. If you are worried about your baby boy’s feet not being warm enough in the winter months, buy prewalker shoes for him! As mentioned previously, they’re essentially the same as a snug pair of socks, so they won’t affect his natural foot development.

    Additionally, you can also purchase your baby boy a pair of prewalker shoes if you have an event to go to and need to dress your little one up. With prewalkers, you can rest assured that your baby boy will be comfortable, warm and protected. To ensure you purchase a top-quality pair, always purchase your baby’s shoes from a reputable manufacturer. While it may be tempting to purchase your baby boy a mini version of your own pair of shoes, they need to have been specially manufactured by a baby shoe manufacturer.

    There are several factors to consider both when manufacturing and purchasing baby shoes, it isn’t as easy as simply producing a tiny shoe. All baby shoes need to be manufactured with the shape of a baby’s foot in mind. For example, babies have chubbier, wider feet, as they haven’t developed properly yet. Moreover, a baby shoe cannot be too heavy, as it will affect the coordination and balance of your child. Therefore, when purchasing your baby boy a pair of prewalker shoes, ensure you’ve taken the several factors into consideration and ticked all the boxes.