McAfee finds a new home in Waves Notebook

  • Quincy McAfee began his summer surrounded by the best players in the country and found another home using several of the best offensive teams in the New England Collegiate Baseball League. Pepperdine's liaison joined Waves last week after playing seven games using all the Orleans Firebirds from the Cape Cod baseball league. mcafee enter product key code

    In his first four games with Waves, McAfee hits .533 with three RBI and two stolen bases, providing a large increase in the composition, which consists of six players who bounce over .300.

    "Being in the Cape League squad, the guys are obviously the most important in this collection. From this - learning from them and watching them, then coming to the successful team, I just jumped in, "McAfee said. "I'm trying to find out where I finished."

    This spring, McAfee was the second team selector around the West Coast for Pepperdine, hitting 0.269 and leading the team at stolen bases. Under an interim agreement with Orleans he had the opportunity to stay, but not as a regular player. Firebirds coach Kelly Nicholson and McAfee coach Pepperdine felt that a full-time performance at NECBL was better.

    "Coming in the summer, I knew I had to work on a few striking things," said McAfee. "I felt like I had to go down here to get more bats and play every day. It was difficult to leave, but coming here was great, and I become the bats I need to succeed. "

    Struble leads in the league

    Ocean State's L.T. Struble manages NECBL via 14 stolen bases and is able to break the franchise record 16, which can be shared with three players.

    Struble, who stole 28 bases for the Felician Division University of New Jersey this spring, bounces 0.281 in waves and was caught stealing only two.

    The house is not so cute

    Old Mountain Field did not favor the waves this summer. After Monday's 6-3 defeat against Danbury, Ocean State fell to 2-6 at home matches. Single wins came on June 14 from Mystic and June 21 against Newport.

    Along with the group that plays 12 of the first 20 games on the road, most of the home schedule still appears, so Waves will have a good chance of changing the situation. Waves fell to 10-9 with Monday's loss.

    Waves up 2-1 in the Pell series

    The waves lead one game through three games in the Pell Bridge series thanks to Friday's win of 11-5 over Newport at Cardines Field.

    Steve Theetge, Peyton Deats and Joe Kelly united in seven purposeless rounds of relief.

    Southern Division race is tight

    In the southern division NECBL there is no major disturbance when the middle of the year approaches. The top five teams - Ply-mouth, Mystic, New Bedford, Ocean State and Newport - shared 2.5 matches from each other since Monday. Even the last Danbury place is right in combination, four games from the first location.

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