Once familiar with the Tehran City site in 2012 , after several meetings with the management

of the site was held executive management , at the end of the year due to the lack of


so because of writing 270 pages of the Road Map of search engines consider,In 2013, due to

the nature of the search engine above assessments,The names of international portals

[HOOMET name means God care of city, which includes two voice «OO» to create curiosity in

people in terms of psychological well] and the results were recorded.

During 2013, Several meetings were held with over 141 companies Web Design,To the

contrac.as planning stages, according to the phases of the search engine above written

crafted design ,technical sessions will be held for a total of 4450 hours.

In 2013, HOOSHMAND MOSAVAR TAVANA company »HOOMET« as LTD CO was registered .

Sightseeing with a personal investment to establish two members of the Board of Directors,

400 hours with experienced experts' meeting held in addition to writing the manual way of

HOOMET search engine, Technical contract with the NETRAHKAR co,Launched search engine

by using the knowledge and internal experts