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7 Critical Electric Gate Safety Tips

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    February 1, 2023 6:19 PM +0330

    Electric gates are attractive and can add much-needed security to your property. However, when not operated properly, an electric gate can be dangerous. To avoid serious injury, be sure to remember the following 7 critical safety tips.

    1. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing an electric safety fence or gate. A gate that is not properly installed may malfunction and seriously injure you or another person. To ensure your gate is installed correctly, it's best to hire a professional company that will understand and be able to follow all standard safety procedures.

    2. Don't let children play around or on an electric gate. Unfortunately, there have been several tragic instances of children being maimed or killed by automatic gates. Children should never be allowed to play around automatic gates, since they are extremely heavy and can easily crush or trap a child. While they are now equipped with safety mechanisms to help prevent these incidents, you can't rely on those features to keep kids safe.

    3. Maintain your gates, and always promptly repair a malfunctioning gate. Automatic gates are mechanical devices that need to be cared for and maintained if you want them to remain in good working order. If your gate isn't operating properly, call a professional gate or safety fence company. They'll be able to send out an expert to diagnose and fix the problem. While paying to fix it can be annoying, it's far better than dealing with an accident on your properly that could have been easily avoided.

    4. Follow the six-foot rule. When installing your automatic gate, the controls should be at least six feet away from the access itself. By placing controls away from the gate, you reduce the likelihood that someone will reach through, around or over the gate to operate the control, which is dangerous. Controls should also be positioned so that children can't easily access them.

    5. Choose a gate with extra safety features. You should always include a motion sensor, which helps prevent injury and accidents. The sensor will determine if there is something blocking the gate (like a hand or a foot) and then either reverse movement or not close until the obstruction is removed. Some gates may also have an emergency release mechanism that can be tripped if someone does become trapped or pinned.

    6. Install warning signs. If you have an electric gate on your property, a prominent warning sign can alert people to possible danger and remind them to exercise caution around the Garage door not closing repair company.

    7. Install a separate walk-through gate. Automatic gates, which are designed for vehicular traffic, are powerful and can easily cause injury or death. For that reason, it's best to install a separate walk-through gate as part of your safety fence so that pedestrians can safely access your property.