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    February 19, 2022 11:11 AM +0330

    This is a special material concerning divider boards and splashbacks. It comprises of 2 mm thick, watertight, lightweight aluminum that is treated with a unique sort of covering. Utilizing unique ink, it is feasible to print the picture inside the covering. This is done through a licensed technique at a temperature of well north of 200 degrees Celcius. This makes the küchenfronten austauschen Superior very hotness safe. The hotness coming from your cooker is no counterpart for it. This material comes standard with a wonderful shine finish yet a matt completion is likewise conceivable. The matt completion doesn't show any reflections from daylight or lights. The Pimp Superior is a phenomenal choice to glass and a lot more straightforward to mount on your divider.

    We make each divider board totally custom to your necessities. This implies that all patterns or shorts are done at no additional expense. For this we truly do require your kitchen's exact estimations. You can peruse more with regards to estimating your kitchen divider on this page. The divider boards are extremely simple to mount on the divider. With a Polymer development glue this will be simple. The outer layer of your divider shouldn't be totally level, you can mount the divider board on top of old tiles or surface paint, no issue!

        Aspects A Pimp Superior plate can be 400 cm wide and 145 cm high in a solitary piece. Assuming you want more than that you will get various boards that combine.
        Cleaning You can clean the Pimp Superior plates effectively with a delicate piece of material and a touch of cleanser. Try not to utilize: solvents, degreasers, dying specialists, (pitch) cleaners or abrasives.
        Fire wellbeing A küchenfronten austauschen Pimp Superior plate is self dousing (fire spread grouping class A, in light of ASTM E84 technique).
        Guarantee We give a guarantee of 5 years on the shading speed of Pimp Superior material.