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Health: Cancer drugs with immunotherapy can prolong life.

  • August 19, 2021 8:53 AM +0430

    Immunotherapy treatment focuses on the cells that help the immune system.


    An immunotherapy drug thatเกมสล็อตsaves some Slots to know, good facts that you should not miss Slots to know have been created to raise the level. The reading of people who are interested in reading to have knowledge and understanding of the content that we will present more easily. articles we write We write it all ourselves and summarized the good into various matters that we have prepared for you Whether it's about slots, finance, stocks, lifestyle, the luxury of today's world. and many more in this category We want all of our articles to be The maximum benefit to all readers We hope that more or less what readers will get back. Have fun with our article.from the pain of chemotherapy may also extend their lives, researchers say.

    From the experimental immunotherapy treatment pembrolizumab Helping head and neck cancer patients The average life expectancy was 2 years, which was five times longer than chemotherapy.

    In addition, patients had much fewer side effects from the drug. in the UK There is a growing number of head and neck cancers, most of them when the cancer has started to spread a long time ago, which makes it difficult to treat.

    Derek Kitcherside, a 70-year-old man from Leicestershire in England. He believed that he would have died without treatment. pembrolizumab

    In 2011, doctors diagnosed him with laryngeal cancer. He started coughing up blood 3 years after receiving general treatment. Doctors said the cancer had spread to his lungs. and may not be able to cure

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