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When "chips" are national security Many

  • August 11, 2021 8:33 AM +0430

    Semiconductor chip shortage TheSLOTXOmost popular online slots website, the number 1 hot game camp that makes money for There are many gamblers. Paid out hundreds of thousands Jackpot game every day. Small investment. Play anytime. only you open your mind Come and be a part of 168 slotsxo, play slots with us, take care of everyone like VIP, like family. Good service, stand one, ready to receive many promotions, play at any time Dare to take risks and get rich together. Big web slots challenge you to try. Which is a key component of a wide range of products from "cars" to "electronics", a variety of products have become more concentrated this year. for many reasons One of them was that semiconductor factories had to stop production because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    At the same time, many economies have begun to recover so strongly that consumer demand for electronic products has suddenly jumped. which now affects some industries such as automobiles quite a lot and has already started to affect the mobile phone industry Some reports say the chip shortage will last until 2023.

    Timothy Oui, director of Moody's Analytics, said the shortage of the chip was occurring worldwide. will push many countries to find a way to produce their own chips which not only the private sector has to do something but including the government Because the shortage of chips will affect the "security" of the nation, because the big problem now is It's hard to get new supplies into the market, and soaring demand for chips isn't going to drop anytime soon.

    Oui pointed out that the global chip shortage is due to the complexity of chip manufacturing. It takes a high investment and takes a long time to produce. Sometimes it can take years. The high capital expenditure puts production in the hands of a few companies. And the constant demand for newer chips in the market is increasing the barriers for new companies to enter the industry.

    However, now the big companies in the market Whether it is a Taiwan Semiconductor company. Manufacturing (TSMC), UMC and Samsung Electronics is investing in building a new factory This will add new supplies in the future.

    for the government level Some countries have begun implementing policies to increase chip production capacity. with a large investment which is an attempt to be self-reliant, for example, the South Korean government has declared From now until 2030 there is a project to invest in this field worth 450 billion US dollars. along with increasing tax benefits for chipmakers to make them more competitive

    The Chinese government has established The multi-billion dollar “national fund” to invest in local chip companies to keep up with competitors, including the US, South Korea and Taiwan, while in the US $52 billion in technology and manufacturing legislation passed To support research, design and manufacture of semiconductors The EU is also ready to fund semiconductor production within the union.