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Dissertation VS Thesis - Easy Guide 2021

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    June 24, 2021 11:27 AM +0430

    Students receive a plethora of assignments along their academic journey. Not every task they get is simple. Often they are assigned challenging tasks such as research papers, thesis, or dissertation.

    As important they are for the degree, drafting them perfectly is even more important. If you are not willing to risk your grades, get ready to put some serious effort into writing these assignments. 


    Students often play safe and get assistance from a paper writing service. Here, professionals guide students as how to write my essay correctly and accurately. If you have ever written a research paper or know how to write one, drafting a thesis or dissertation will not be a problem. Similar to a research paper, a thesis and dissertation are a form of academic assignment assigned as a final project to college or graduate students. 


    Although they all fall under the research paper category, there are certain similarities and differences between a thesis and a dissertation. Being a student, it is essential for you to know the basic traits and characteristics of the two assignments. 


    Before comparing the two, it is essential to learn their basic definitions. A dissertation is a document that presents a student’s research and findings. It is written to complete doctoral or Phd programs. A thesis is a research paper that is written for a bachelor’s or master’s degree program.  Here, a student attempts to contribute to the relevant field through his research and analysis. 




    To help students not lose their grades, expert paper writers have gathered general similarities and differences between dissertation and thesis or they can ask such experts to write my essay for me.


    Dissertation Vs. Thesis in Europe 

    In Europe, a thesis is a final project for a PhD program that is based on the original research of the student. A dissertation on the other hand is a post-graduate research project drafted for a master’s degree. 


    Dissertation Vs. Thesis in the United States

     A thesis, in the United States, is written for a master’s degree and is usually shorter than a dissertation. While a dissertation is something that is essential to complete a doctoral program. 


    Research and Data Collection Comparison 

    A dissertation is based on the writer’s original ideas and because of this, it requires primary research for data collection. The primary collection of data is done by conducting interviews, surveys, analyzing focus groups, field observations, and experiments. 

    In contrast to this, a thesis depends on secondary research for data collection. The information for a thesis is gathered from consulting journals, books, scholarly articles, survey reports, and existing studies. 


    Differences in Length 

    The structure of the thesis and dissertation also differs. A thesis for your masters is like a research paper where a writer chooses a topic and conduct research to analyze the information. 

    A dissertation is based on original research and because of this, the length exceeds up to 400 pages. On the other hand, a thesis usually takes up to 100 pages to be written. To understand the structure of both in detail, you can visit a helpful domain and inquire them to 'write essay for me' or complete my 'thesis'.


    Format Similarities 

    Apart from differences, there are several similarities between a thesis and a dissertation as well. The format of both has the following components:


    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Main body
    • Research method 
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendation
    • Bibliography
    • Appendix 


    Completion Similarities 

    Both thesis and dissertation are very challenging assignments and are written under the supervision of an advisor. This is to guide the students in their research and data collection. 

    Understanding every assignment type is important to make sure that its purpose is rightly served. If you have any confusion about the two research paper types, you can also get guidance an essay writing service.


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