Sildenafil 100mg UK reviews reveal the benefits of this medicin

  • In 1998, sildenafil became the first safe medication that can be taken orally to treat erectile dysfunction, or ED. Soon after it was released, a review of its use in treating ED was conducted. The review stated that this medication can treat ED due to physical and psychological issues, or a combination of both. It reported that sildenafil is associated with improvements in terms of:


    • Frequency of erections
    • Hardness of erections
    • Duration of erections


    It also stated that this medication improves a patient’s ability to maintain an erection until successful completion of intercourse. Sildenafil 100mg UK reviews like this reveal how this medication has revolutionised the treatment of ED. Before sildenafil became available, treatment for ED was restricted to interventions like the vacuum erection device. This device tends to beunwieldy and can remove the spontaneity involved in sexual circumstances.

    Perhaps one of the most well-known attributes of sildenafil is its ease of use. Swallowing a tablet is a trouble-free and discreet way to use this medication. The desired effects can be felt within 30 to 60 minutes. The user can expect to be able to achieve a rigid erection in response to sexual stimulation during a 4 to 6 hour timespan.  Sildenafil is much easier to use compared to non-tablet treatments like penile suppositories or injections.


    Reviews by patients

    Since the less expensive, unbranded version of Viagra became available in 2013, there have been numerous sildenafil 100mg UK reviews regarding its use. They are mostly positive andsildenafil is bioequivalent to Viagra so it offers the same pharmacological effects. Most patients claim this medication has helped them regain a satisfying *** life. Some patients even report experiencing positive results the next morning.


    Reviews by doctors

    Sildenafil is known by medical professionals to be a safe medication that is only likely to cause mild or moderate side effects in a small percentage of people. That being so, if erection difficulties are affecting your quality of life this medication is highly recommended. An internet search for sildenafil 100mg UK reviews will reveal how most men respond well to treatment. In fact, clinical studies have revealed that 82 percent of men respond well and benefit from renewed sexual confidence.


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