How to Pack Books for Moving

  • Moving books can be tricky, especially if you are a book lover and own an extensive library. Some collections also include antique books that need careful handling. For anyone who has not moved before, moving books can be a daunting challenge.

    If you are moving with a moving company in Columbus, Ohio, you should consider that moving services provide you with an estimate based on the weight of the freight. Do you have any books that you don't read? It makes sense to sell them off and simplify your move.

    This article provides you with some valuable guidelines to move your books conveniently.

    Arrange Your Packing Supplies

    If you’re thinking of packing yourself, consider this: moving books requires you to consider how they can be packed in a way that minimizes damage. You need to use the right supplies to make your packing hassle-free and convenient.

    Your general set of supplies should include all essential items like packing tapes, scissors, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, packing papers, markers, labels, and other necessary goods - like boxes.  The size of boxes you get or order should be carefully considered. 

    Books are VERY heavy relative to the space they occupy.  While medium-sized, sturdy cardboard boxes can easily accommodate your books that makes each box VERY heavy and difficult to handle.  For DIY moving, small boxes are much easier to handle for almost anyone. 

    Closely packing the books in boxes without cramming or over packing is critical to prevent accidents or damage.

    Purge Unwanted Books

    Since moving companies in Columbus (Ohio) will charge you by weight, you should consider whether you should pack all your books for the move. Check if you have unread books or books that you don't need any more. Once you sort those out, you can decide what to do with them. You can hold a garage sale and sell them or check out sites that will pay you for them. You can see if your friends and family would interested in them.

    Obtaining Boxes

    You can source your boxes from local stores or order them online. You can also repurpose any that you have on hand for your books. Either way, make sure you have your boxes prepared ahead of time.

    Use the Right Packing Methods

    When you begin to pack, you have to decide the best way to place your books in boxes. After all, you will want them to be undamaged, so you can just open your boxes and place them on shelves.

    If you have any special volumes, especially valuable ones, you should consider wrapping each book separately.

    There are three basic ways to pack books - upright, flat, and spine down.

    • The advantage of packing your books upright is you can just take them off their current shelves and drop them into each box until it’s full.
    • For larger books, it makes sense to pack them flat, it helps you to consolidate and manage space more efficiently.
    • You can also choose the 'spine down' method, provided that they fit that way and can have padding in between layers

    Some people also follow a mixed approach to fit all books within a limited space.

    Final Thoughts

    However you pack your books you need to secure the bottom of each box with extra tape to handle the weight. When you’re filling the boxes, make sure that everything fits snugly or add padding - you can use bubble wrap and/or paper and packing material to fill any extra space.

    You need to be careful how you handle your boxes during the entire move - no dropping or trying to pick up too many at one time. You need to follow the best safety practices to ensure the move is smooth and damage-free.