Easy Steps to Stop Windows 10 Update Permanently

  • It's vital to keep your Windows device upgraded, largely the computers automatically update and install the most recent security patch & attributes on your PC. However, some time upgrade negatively impacts your experience.

    Microsoft frequently supply you with an update to fix bug and new and improved features, We highly recommend you to keep your devices updated, but for some reason, you want to prevent windows 10 upgrade indefinitely, Then here is how you can get it done.

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    The Way to Quit Windows 10 Update Permanently?

    You are able to prevent Windows 10 update permanently with multiple methods; here, we will share with two distinct strategies to stop windows 10 update permanently.

    Disable Automatic Updates Using Settings

    It is simple to disable windows to update user settings, and you can use this method with all the versions of Windows 10, but you can just disable updates for a particular period of interval. Follow the below procedures to perform with it.

    Measure 2: Here in the settings, you'll get a lot of alternatives, click on the last one"Update and Security."

    Stop 3: Here you see all of the available updates if you may download and install it if you need, to displace upgrade, click the last option"Advanced Option."

    Disable Automatic Updates Using Preferences

    Step 4: Now choose the date till which you want to stop the upgrade.

    Disable Automatic Updates Using Settings

    Nowadays you have done with all the things, depart the setting and revel in your work.

    If you're using Windows 10 Pro, then you can use the method of Group Policy. Using Group Policy, you can stop Windows 10 upgrade indefinitely, but you can't use this technique in with Windows 10 Home, follow the instructions carefully to do with it.

    Disable Automatic Updates Using Group Policy

    Disable Automatic Updates Using Group Policy

    Step 4:Now click on the Disable to turn off the Windows 10 upgrade.

    Step 5: Click on Apply & then OK,

    Once you have done with it, Windows 10 quit updating it mechanically

    If you want, you can still download and install the upgrade, just go to preferences and click on update manually; you could also begin the update by the very same directions.

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