AVG Internet Security for all your home PC

  • AVG has a great advantage in the area of ​​free anti-virus, as it owns both Avast and its own AVG Free product.

    For AVG, most people continue with Internet Security. Priced at $ 70, it's one step below the company's flagship product, AVG Ultimate, and lacks the less critical Ultimate capabilities. For example, you will not get the AVG tuning package for the PC or a third-party computer software updater. However, this is not a waste, because you can discover free programs to dump cached folders that take up a lot of space or monitor software updates. Key security features are included in the $ 70 security package, including anti-virus protection, firewall, and malware protection.

    Unlike Avast, AVG did not choose to enable password supervisor as part of various security packages. Instead, you need to earn an extra $ 20 a year to make it part of your security configuration. This is not a terrible price, although for a few bucks you can get an annual LastPass subscription.

    When you first open AVG, it provides a similar aesthetic to the corporate equivalent of Avast. The application largely has a gray background with glowing greenery to emphasize important details. You will first see a status dashboard that indicates which AVG security attributes are in use.

    However, this dashboard is not intuitive. Virtually nothing can be clicked in the main area of ​​the screen. To customize most options, click the Burger Menu icon in the upper right corner of this window. It is possible to enter meticulous settings of this application, such as general options, controls to protect against ransomware, protected data and a document destruction function that replaces deleted information to make it difficult to recover.

    Internet Security component settings. In general, settings can be better organized and more transparent. For example, most of the main settings you want to get are in Menu> Settings> Components. From there, you can customize your firewall and perform anti-spam scanning settings.

    However, my goal in the organization is how the options were defined. Each component settings region is hidden under an arrow pointing down. Click this arrow to reveal the panel of each section, but you will only see an explanation of this feature, as well as the choice to uninstall specific areas of the security package. To really delve into these firewall configurations, you'll need to click the Customize link in each tile that is not hidden. You must return to the main dashboard to get other options, such as subscription information.

    There is an arrow in the upper left corner. After clicking, another window opens in which you can add another device to your subscription, in addition to downloading and subscribing to other AVG products, such as PC TuneUp, Secure VPN and password protection.

    The general AVG interface is not a breakthrough, and once you get used to the logic of this program, navigation is not difficult. But during testing, I often thought about its Avast counterpart, which turned out to be much more intuitive, with objects more easily accessible and not buried under a pile of clicks.

    One of the things that AVG Internet Security really makes easier is the ability to scan your computer because the Scan Computer button is the most visible item on the main dashboard. Performance Like many of the major security programs, AVG has really gained significant ratings for antivirus and malware security. The August A-V Test gave AVG 100% detection in its 0-day malware reviews.

    Compared to the AV-Comparatives malware protection test, AVG obtained 99.8 percent in the online scan compared to almost 38,000 samples and 98.8% off-site.

    SE Labs awarded AVG an AAA rating, stating that both Avast was the most effective free software in its tests, but AVG neglected to detect five targeted attacks. All three associations used the free versions of the AVG antivirus program, which will not protect against ransomware, firewalls or malware.

    Our handbrake test, which places more emphasis on the system, did not show the significant performance of the dip. After installing AVG, Handbrake transcoded exactly the same document in 1 hour, 15 seconds and 25 minutes.


    Given that exactly the same company has both development teams, we hope for some improvement. Nevertheless, AVG receives high ratings for security, has enough features to satisfy most consumers, and does not reduce performance. Activate AVG Internet Security in your house and secure your data and safety in our hands. AVG internet security for all allows the member to access the security updates.

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