Tile and Grout Cleaning: What You Should Know

  • Tiles and grouts are susceptible dirt buildups. Whether it's foreign particles, chemical agents, mold, or mildew, your grouts embed these particles over time. If you find instances of grout discoloration, chances are your carpet has turned dull. Dull grouts are dangerous -- they indicate that you should seek professional help. Tiles and grout cleaning is crucial if you wish to keep your floor healthy and germ-free.

    What is Grout Discoloration? What Should You Do About It?

    Discolored grouts are not entirely uncommon. Since grouts have a porous structure, they attract dirt and buildup over time. If your grout is dull and ugly, you need expert cleaning solutions to eliminate the stains. Several cleaning companies recommend steaming -- applying steam onto the grout lines will coerce the dirt out and keep your grout surface clean. In most cases, grout discoloration results from dirt accumulation. Once you invest in grout cleaning, your floor restores its original shine. If you damage your grout or if it turns discolored, you don't have a choice but to seek re-grouting.  You need to seek professional assistance for re-grouting. Fissures or chipped floors are warning signs that tell you it's time to consider a full-scale grout repair project.

    Deep Cleaning Your Tiles & Grout

    Like every other aspect of your home, grout needs regular maintenance and care. Grout maintenance is tedious because it takes an enormous amount of time and effort. Some homeowners are not well-informed about grout maintenance, and they are not aware of how to care for grout in the Kitchen bathroom and other spaces.

    Professionals also recommend deep-cleaning solutions to ensure your grouts are fully protected. Deep cleaning processes involve grout sealing which shields your grout pigment and prevents it from further discoloration. If you have a grout problem that needs professional inspection, you should consult with grout experts to find out about the best means to address the issue -- professional cleaning assistants will be able to guide you to ascertain whether you need deep cleaning, grout replacement, or re-grouting.

    Grout sealing is a smart way to shield your grout pigment successfully. Anyone who is looking for grout sealers needs to be careful about it. It is essential to reapply grout sealers after two or three years. Grout sealing is not as difficult as you think -- you can DIY the process as long as you have the tools and expertise to nail the project. If you are unsure, you can always seek professional assistance and allow professionals to seal off your grouts to prevent them from future discoloration.

    Should You Invest in a grout sealer?

    A grout sealer is a chemical mixture made with two or more mixtures -- sand and cement, for instance. If you leave your grout exposed, your grout will soak in dirty water, bacteria, and stains. Applying a grout sealer will fix your grout issue and make it water-resistant. Cleaners recommend grout sealers as preventive measures, protecting your grout from turning musty and moldy. Sealing your grout will allow you to laminate the pigment and ensure no harm is done to the texture of your grout. If you have an adequate budget, you should check out epoxy grout, which is expensive but provides a permanent fix to your problem.

    Homeowners often consider sealing and staining to shield the grout from harmful infestations. Discoloration can result from spills, infestation, and buildups. If you spot inconsistencies in your grout or if your grout has become faded, sealing your grout is the best course of action. Grout sealing involves various techniques. As a homeowner, you need to pick the right grout sealer for the grout repair work.

    The most commonly used sealers include spray sealers, applicator sealers, penetrating sealers, and membrane sealers. Spray on sealers can be beneficial to keep your grout lines sealed. Sealing your grout with a spray sealer isn't too difficult, and you can DIY it if you have the time to work on it. However, as a novice, you can easily get it wrong and end up spending your time doing a lot of cleaning work instead.

    Unlike spray sealers, applicators are easy to use and less time-consuming. You can simply use a brush using this sealer. As for penetrating grout sealers, you need to pick a dark-colored grout and be careful while applying the sealer. Seek professional help to avoid spills. Membrane sealers are ideal for people living in damp conditions.  Since membrane sealers use a bright pigment, you can choose this treatment to correct any grout issues you may have.


    Professional tile and grout treatment is a sure-fire way to seek a long-term solution for your home. Instead of self-cleaning your tiles and grout, you can enlist a professional cleaner to help you with the right course of action. For grout discoloration problems, you need professional repair work. For advanced grout issues, professionals will recommend remedies like deep cleaning or grout sealing, which will restore its original property and help you shield it from future threats.