Microsoft will bring to Windows 10 a simpler way to access apps

  • Windows 10 Home CD Key Microsoft has brought many new features to Windows 10 especially to make it simpler to use. These reveal the company's commitment to making its system even better and more user-friendly.

    A novelty that is thought to be coming soon will completely change the way of accessing apps. With a call to remember macOS Spotlight just type the name of the app. This one already exists and is being discreetly tested.

    In addition to all the aesthetic changes and the Start Menu Microsoft also wants to innovate in Windows 10. For this reason it has been testing news and improvements in all components of the operating system. One that may soon appear will completely change its use.

    From what is known it will soon be simple to launch any Windows 10 app. With a keyboard sequence a search box will open where you can type the name of the desired app. The choice will be simple and direct always from the list that is presented.

    In fact this novelty is already being experienced by many who use Microsoft's new PowerToys. These additional tools bring many improvements to Windows 10 that do not yet have space within Windows 10.

    Plans to bring this new feature to Windows are close. It will be very soon that everyone will be able to use the PowerLauncher and a name is currently being chosen.

    Thus and with this novelty cheap Windows 10 Home CD Key a keyboard shortcut will suffice and the writing box will appear. The user really only needs to type the name of the app he wants to use.

    Even though it is by way of an extra Microsoft shows that it is giving Windows the best there is. Such an alternative leaves the Start Menu free and gives users the freedom they need to handle usage quickly.

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