A few words on British Impressionist art


    British impressionism

    British impressionist art is a form of art that flourished during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The British impressionist artists were inspired by the French impressionist movement. British impressionism also took inspiration from the idea of modernism. James McNeill Whistler is regarded as the first artist who brought this style of painting to Britain. Impressionist art portrays scenes from daily life. The style of this art is characterized by short brushstrokes, made rapidly. Portrayals of shade and light also deserve a special mention when it comes to impressionist art. These are some of the features that are typically associated with impressionist art.

    Understanding impressionism

    To understand British impressionism, its roots must be understood. As mentioned earlier, it was mainly inspired by the French impressionist movement. It started to become popular circa 1870. Initially it started off in Paris. Parisian impressionist artists used to hold their own exhibitions which slowly popularized it. Initially the impressionist artists had to face strong criticism from artists of the previous generations. The term Impressionism was coined from the work of Claude Monet named “Impression”. Before the advent of impressionism, painting was confined to Portraits and landscapes and static scenes. The impressionist artists concentrated on outdoor sceneries, they attempted to capture effects of lights and shade that would last only for a certain amount of time.


    While on the topic of Impressionism, mention must be made of Jean-Francois Raffaelli. He is regarded as a realist and his works used to be exhibited with the impressionists. He received Legion of Honor, in the year 1889 for his works. One of his most famous paintings is titled “Les Buveurs d’absinthe”.

    In this regard, mention also must be made of Othon Friesz. He was a painter who was a follower of post-impressionist thought and Fauvism. Post impressionism was born as a result of the artists’ disagreement with the impressionist tenets. Fauvism also disagrees with impressionism when it comes to realistic depiction of color. Othon Friesz was born in the year 1879 and passed away in the year 1949. If you wish to have a collection of artwork by these artists, buying art online would be the best thing to do.