The Ryder Cup and That Other Tournament

  • It’s not fair to compare, but since the Ryder Cup Matches follows the FedEx Cup Championship only 4 days later, one can’t help but examine the differences.


    A little history helps to understand the two widely diverse golf events:

    The Ryder Cup Matches begun in 1927 pitting American and British professionals combining match and metal play. After the WWII, the American teams dominated the biannual event until players from all European countries were allowed to participate beginning in 1979. Ever since, as of the 2018 Matches, the European team has won 8 times (and a tie – previous match winner keeps the cup) compared to 7 by Americans. In recent tournaments the European team has held the upper hand, winning 6 out of the last 8 Ryder Cup 2018 live streamincluding 4 of the last 5. The venues alternate between the US and Europe.


    Team Captains for the next competition, in two years, are chosen a short time after the current Ryder Cup Match has been completed. In nearly two years 8 participants will qualify (US method) with 4 additional spots filled with the Captain’s selection. The European Captain will have 9 qualifiers and will select 3 Captain’s choices.


    The FedEx Cup is still an infant, beginning in 2007. The Championship begins with the playoffs, three four round tournaments beginning with 125 golfers who accumulated the largest number of FedEx points during the regular season. After each tournament the number of competitors remaining dwindles to100, then 70, then the 25 with the most points play to determine the FedEx Cup Champion and winner of $10,000,000. The points system to determine the 125 golfers to compete is complex and fan unfriendly. Just when you think you might have it figured out the PGA erases all points for the 25 who have made the Championship round/tournament and give them a new set of points. Are you confused yet? Any of the 25 can win the Championship unless one of the top 5 (with the new points) wins the current tournament. Now I’m confused. STOP! PLEASE STOP!


    What the Ryder Cup has and The FedEx Cup Hasn’t:




    The Ryder Cup has 84 years of history and few changes have been made to improve the competition. The FedEx has only 4 years of history and has had to change it’s format 4 times (it needs to change at least one more time).


    Good vs Evil:

    It’s the Americans against the Euro’s, continent vs continent, Captain outwitting Captain, player competing with player, and fans cheering and jeering opposing fans. There is a feeling that the gallery is apart and a member of the team connected by nationality, the Ryder Cup and the game of golf.In each of the FedEx playoffs and THE TOUR Championship the format is metal, low score wins.


    Captain’s choices critiqued:

    Anyone with the vaguest interest in the Ryder Cup has an opinion as to who the captain should have picked rather than who was picked. The captain is similar to the quarterback in football, if the team wins he is the hero and the goat if they loose.